Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Hangout (aka Office Space)

In the shadow of a calling I found myself . . .

Peeling away my layers.

Musical Moment
~ “Alibi” 30 Seconds to Mars

My Hangout
I have always been curious about where writers write, so I thought I would share my space with you. Just in case you’re interested, there’s a writer named Paige Cuccaro who has page called The Writer’s Cave where you can see where established, famous and fabulous authors get down and dirty with their Muses. Check it out.

The picture to the left has my Vision board (yellow background). It holds all the things I hold sacred and is a reminder of what I need to focus on. My Georgia O’Keefe picture reminds me to not just step outside of the box but to stomp on it too.

Trust me, it’s not normally this “neat”. I’m watched over by my pug Cooper and my stuffed frog Oscar. Oscar thinks he’s a pimp-daddy but I kept elling him he’s just a really big frog.

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