Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tin Roof Serenade . . . and Gangsta Squirrels

In the shadow of a calling I found myself . . .

Edgy and desperate for caffeine.

Musical Moment
~ “Vertigo” U2
It’s raining. It rained all night and I was serenaded by the sound of it hitting the tin roof of the cabin. It is a soothing sound that lulls you into a meditative mood. I slept the sleep on infants and I feel refreshed, energized and creative, but . . .

Today is my last day at the cabin and while I’m lulled by the beauty and sound of the rain my thoughts are a little panicky. How the heck am I getting my stuff down the mountain and into my car? The road to the cabin is now a muddy mess and the thought of carrying my bags and computer while slipping and sliding in a downward roughish terrain is not my ideal. Is this considered “roughing it”?

And now, NOW, the coffee maker is acting up. If the above isn’t considered roughing it, then me without my morning coffee certainly is.

Did you know squirrels play soccer? Seriously. I’m not crazy (maybe a tiny bit, but it keeps life interesting, don’t you know). Squirrels decided to slip into the attic of the cabin and found, instead of a lovely, dark room in which to sleep and since it’s spring, probably mate, they found mothballs. Apparently, squirrels do not like mothballs. It is supposed to be a gentler way of keeper the critters away. That may be true, but these squirrels were gangsta squirrels. Not only did they not care there were mothballs, they started playing with them. Running back and forth, kicking them to each other, chattering and I swear to you, laughing. I had a feeling they mocking the proprietors. You know, as gangsta’s will do.

So I, being the gentle soul that I am, talk to them. I said, “Hey, Squirrels. Sounds like your having a good time. I’m happy for you, but I heard this was your last “gentle extraction” attempt. You’re going to have to find yourself someplace else to hang out - a tree, a cave, a hole - but not here or any other cabin. I know we’re in your territory, but the cabins are people territory and we prefer not to share. I know it’s rude, but what can I say. I’m giving you a heads up. If you don’t want to find yourself buried in the backyard, you need to stop hanging out here. Okay?”

You may not believe me when I tell you, they got quiet then I heard them chattering, like they were whispering to each other, one last time. I heard them climb out of the attic and jump into the trees. That was two days ago and they haven’t been back. I hope they got the message.

In case you want to read about the ongoing saga of a squirrel’s life, writer and roofer Gennita Low rescued a squirrel a few months back. Recently, Gennita went away to a conference and when she returned home discovered twenty pairs of missing socks. I think the squirrel (aka MikiSquirrel) was the ringleader and her mutant Pomeranians were the fences. I can’t wait to find out what really happened, but right now, I wish a squirrel would bring me a cup of coffee.

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