Wednesday, March 20, 2013

STORY – In Three Parts – Part One: Intuition

In the shadow of a calling I found myself . . .

                                                      Facing forward

Musical Moment ~ “River” Natalie Merchant

A few weeks ago I had a weird day - a strange, exhaustive and terrifying day.  It was a day my intuition called to me to pay attention and made itself known until I literally paid attention and because I listened to my intuition, I avoided being in a near fatal accident.       

I was walking through an outlet mall, enjoying the brisk day, doing a little light shopping and grateful I was out and about. A woman walked toward me with her head turned to look behind her as she yelled down the corridor to her husband. Even though I kept moving out of the way, she kept coming at me. Her husband finally yelled, “Hey, pay attention” as we almost collided, but I swerved around her rushing body. I smiled at the woman as she apologized, but there was something that paused inside of me and I felt her husband’s words echo in my head.  

“Pay attention.” 

I shrugged it off though.

About twenty minutes later, I decided to leave and as I walked to my car, a mother with a baby-filled stroller and a walking four-year old ambled slightly in front of me and were having a conversation.  The little girl walked forward and in a straight line.  She walked directly into a pole and just stood there.  Everything seemed to pause at that moment and I thought, “Hmm.”  She didn't hurt herself, but herself her mother said, "Honey, pay attention.  You have to pay attention."

The mother and I looked at each other and laughed, but as I walked toward my car, I stopped.  A strange feeling coursed through me.  A feeling that told me I needed to do something different.  I needed to heed the words that were being thrown at me.

Pay attention!  It was said three times in minutes of each other.

I am a strong believer in intuition and listening to your instincts when it tells you to do or not to do something, but especially when I need to avoid or protect. As I got into my car, I thought about the two incidents and I realized the universe was trying to tell me something, so I decided to slow down and pay attention.

That one decision, probably saved lives or at the least saved myself serious injury.

Do you believe in intuition? Do you listen to it or do you ignore those feelings and thoughts as “something crazy”?

Stay tuned for the next blog post called:
STORY – In Three Parts – Part Two: The Accident
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