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STORY – In Three Parts – Part Two: The Accident

In the shadow of a calling I found myself . . .

                Wondering whom I will choose to be in the future.          

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In the last post, I wrote about how listening to my intuition helped me avoid an accident. This post is about the accident itself.

Less than ten minutes later, as I drove slower than normal (yes, I do occasionally drive a little bit fast, but in my defense I’ve got a hot little car, drive a stick and Oscar – that’s what I call him - is a bad influence).  My senses on high alert and soon I realized what my intuition was trying to tell me as I watched a horrific accident happen in front of me. I didn't see how it happened, but I saw the car imploding as I slammed on my breaks and pulled over to the side of the road.  I saw the second car – a van - also in the accident, but it was pulling over into the emergency lane and only had a small dent in it. They were fine.

I grabbed my phone, jumped out of my car and ran toward the car.  It burst into flames as I neared it.  I screamed, "The cars on fire, the cars on fire" as five men began to surround the sides and back of the car, trying to see how many people were in there and how or if they could get them out.  They did not notice the erupting inferno, until the cars horn began to blast.

I dialed 911, but I could barely hear the dispatcher. I’m running back and forth to the car to check on the woman and reporting her status to the dispatcher.

Only one person in the car.

A woman in her twenties.

She’s lying on the passenger side of the car.

She is unconscious.

She's not moving.

I can’t tell if she's breathing.

She looks as if she's dead.  Her chest is not rising and falling.

I don't know or can't tell if she's dead.

Definitely a head injury.

Her neck is in an awkward position.

There is blood all over her face.

Frothy blood is bubbling out of her mouth.

In a numb state, I watch these men looked at the fire, look the woman, looked back at each other and in silence, they tried to figure out how to help this unknown woman. One man attacks the driver side door, no tries to open the passenger side in cases opening it causes severe damage if it’s opened. There's a young woman - about the same age as the one in the car - knocking on the window trying to awaken the unconscious woman.

The men, these wonderful men, did not think of their personal lives.  One man finally pried open the driver side door, another man came ran from his truck with a fire extinguisher, two other men were under the car, one trying to make sure there was no liquid that could engulf the whole care and blow us up, while another found a way to turn off the blaring horn.

I am on the phone trying to get help for this woman. My heart is racing.  My emotions are all over the place.  I tap into a place of my Reiki training and pray she was not dead.  I prayed her mother, father, spouse, significant other or her child was not going to receive the worse of the worse phone calls.

I spoke to the dispatcher throughout, letting her know what was going on and keeping an eye out for the police and the fire department to let her know that the professionals were there to take control of the awful situation.

There was one man, the one who opened the door, wedged his body through the car, and gently shook her to wake her. No response.

He put his hand on her to feel if it was rising and falling.

No response.

He touched her throat to check her pulse.

No response.

He yelled at her. "Wake up, wake up."

No response.

He kept talking to her.

I kept talking to the dispatcher, telling her a cop had finally arrived.

As the man in the car, yells wake up and the cop approaches the car.

I see the women in the car briefly open her eyes. 

My voice cracks as I tell the dispatcher, "She opened her eyes.  She just opened her eyes.  Thank God."

Soon I was off the phone and I stood there watching as the cops and firemen opened her door, cut her out of her clothing, place her on a gurney and rush her into the ambulance.

With a shaking breath, we all take a deep cleansing breath and huddle together. Giving each other comfort after all the fear and adrenaline.

I monitored the newspapers for a few days afterward. She was alive. Last I read, she was in critical condition, but alive.  

What I got from this entire ordeal was if I had not listened to my intuition, if I had driven as I normal do, I would have been a part of that accident. I would have been in that place because I would have been right next to her when the car spun out of control. I did what I was supposed to do that day and I paid attention.

Have you ever been in a situation where your listened to or didn’t listen to your instinct?  What happened and what did you learn about tapping into your sixth sense?’’

Stay tuned for the next blog post called:
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