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Dictionary Challenge #1

In the shadow of a calling I found myself . . .

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I decided I needed a bit of a challenge. I wanted something that would help me learn, flex my mind and perhaps make me laugh so I decided on a Dictionary challenge.  What’s that, you ask? Well, every day until New Year’s Day I will grab my trusty little Webster Dictionary, rifle through the pages and the first word I see I will write a sentence, short-short story, or a ramble using this word. I will also find a way to use it during my day.  At the end of each week, I will post my journey through the world of words.

Saturday ~
Polo – A game similar to hockey but played on horseback.

In all the adventures I’ve thought of having playing polo never made it on the list.

Sunday ~
Humane – 1. Inclined to treat others and animals with kindness; benevolent; compassionate. 2. (Of a branch of knowledge) tending to refine.

In my life, I strive to treat each being I encounter in as humane a manner as possible. However, there are days and people who push the nerve of calm and make this challenging.  :)

Side note: Since this was my second word of the day I was a bit disappointed my eyes landed on the word humane. I almost skipped it, but decided it would be cheating. See, today I was humane to myself for my snap judgment of such an “easy” and known word.

Monday ~
Encipher – Convert (a message) into a cipher; encode

I am very curious about hackers.  What makes them want to encipher and send out their little pulses of evil into the internet universe? This pisses people off when they discover they have a virus and a constant pop-up page with a message that says: “The world is going to end. The only way to save ourselves is to play polo and live as humanely as you can while you can, wearing a brilliant pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, carrying a moldy chocolate cake that still calls to you to eat it and smoking a corncob pipe filled with ghost chili’s." Why do they do that?

Tuesday ~
Glaring – 1. Shining dazzlingly. 2. Obvious; notorious

I wish I were on a boat floating out to sea watching rays of sunlight bounce off the water, glaring back at its source.

Hmm, I just realized that “glaring” means obvious, but people usually say “It’s glaringly obvious Anthony Weiner can’t control himself with his camera phone and his little Anthony Weiner.” 

Should the sentence actually be:

“It’s glaring Anthony Weiner can’t control himself with his camera phone and little Anthony Weiner.” 

It sounds strange to say it this way.

Wednesday ~
Shame – 1. A remorseful consciousness of guilt. 2. Disgrace or dishonor; a cause of it. 3

I wonder if Anthony Weiner feels shame after being caught sending pictures of his down below to women he doesn’t know. Again.


I wonder if Huma Abedin (Weiner’s wife) felt shame standing in front of another microphone before the press and supporting her husband. Again.

Thursday ~
Splice – Join together, as two ropes, genes, etc; a joint of ropes

I went to to learn how to splice rope. Their slogan is “Better to know a knot and not need it, than need a knot and not know it.”  The knots look like art. Honestly, I never thought much about knots and have luckily never needed to, but there are a ton of uses like climbing, fishing, rowing. I am interested in climbing, so you never know. One day I may become familiar with the Figure Eight Knot on a Bight, the Clove Hitch or the Prusik Knot. I’m sure there’s some splicing going on with these.

And then I went to Youtube and found Jim. Jim has a passion for splicing.  Wanna see Jim?

Predetermine – 1. Decide or ascertain beforehand. 2. Predestine.

When I was a teen, if I could have predetermined my life, I would have continued studying languages. It would have been interesting working in the UN or become a travel writer where I could fully indulge in the countries I visited and its culture. Although, I would have missed out on all the wonderful experiences and people I’ve met if I had predetermined my future.

First week Dictionary Challenge is over and I must say I thought I would have words I didn’t know. Hopefully, this means I’m more fluent in the English language than I thought.

Dictionary info:
The New American Webster Handy College Dictionary, Third Edition

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