Friday, April 11, 2014

Going Indie

In the shadow of a calling I found myself . . .

Feeling and knowing that change is a good thing.

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For a long time now, I have been contemplating where I fit in the publishing world. For years and years, I have done my due diligence: I have written, edited, re-edited a million times, been critiqued by my writing group, by agents and by editors at major houses and smaller presses. I’ve gone to conferences and networked, meeting some really amazing and artistic people. But in the last couple of years I’ve realized that my story and, indeed some of the things I want to accomplish as a writer, may not happen or not happen in the way I wish it to. So a few months ago, I made the bold announcement on social media that I am going Indie. It was a decision not made lightly.

Traditional publishing is awesome, if you can get them to see you, read you, like what you’ve written, and support where you want to go with your journey. The truth about the traditional publishing route, is that for all the thousands upon thousands of writers – published and not published – there are only so many slots publishing houses fill each year, which means that the majority of writers will never see their books placed with a major publisher’s house. That’s the truth. A hard truth, but it is the reality for writers.

Right now, I am pursuing the Middle-Grade (MG) genre. MG is the age range where – in most cases – a child’s reading is influenced by their school curriculum.  They are required to read the classics and read award-winning books like those listed with the Newbury Medal and Honors (Congrats Kate DiCamillo for her 2014 win!), which doesn’t leave many spots available for MG writers.

With that said, two amazing things have happened recently.

First, I have created my own publishing company called Pug Paw Press.  Pug Paw Press is for my own work and will allow me to follow my writerly instincts.
It is my platform to become the type of writer - Children’s Books and Adult Suspense/Romance Novels - I wish to be.  I even named my website “Storyteller ~ of Tales & Tails” as my ode to the genres I love. Tales (adult) and Tails (children) are me to a tee. Walking the lines of both worlds with a shimmy and a shake.

Second, I have an Illustrator! I have an awesome illustrator. Two actually. For the last five years, I have been watching the artistry of Jet Kimchrea and more recently I have discovered the awesomeness that is Courtney Howlett (aka Seage). I’ll write more about these two when the book cover is complete, but trust me these two are making this journey even more incredible.

So that’s my announcement, and as I go through my process to publication I will write about the experience, and the hard work of “going indie”. Every Friday I’ll post (to LLC or not, putting your best foot forward, marketing, etc.,) and the other big and little things you need to know if you are doing things independently. No guarantees they will be long posts, but if I can post to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ frequently I can keep a date with my own blog. Once a week.

Is anyone else going or contemplating going Indie? Why or why not? Neither option is all good or all bad. Going indie is just a way.
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