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Going Indie – Having A Plan

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Going Indie is a lot of work. It’s satisfying work, but it’s a lot because in this self-publishing gig, all or most of the work falls into your lap. You need to have a plan on what you need to do, when you need to do it, and you should identify when there are things you need to outsource to someone else, like book cover art, illustration, formatting, etc.

In my “regular” job I am a Project Manager, so I had an idea of how to tackle and identify what needed to be done to get me to publication. I created a Work Plan, which identified the following categories:

 Vision – Mission Statement, Business Plan, 5-Year Plan

  Editing - Finding an editor, Copyediting, Developmental editing, etc.)

  Marketing and Publicity – Kindle, Magazines, Online Journals, Facebook page, Twitter, Book Trailer, etc.

  Book Cover – Illustrator, Book Cover Designers

  Formatting – ePub, Mobi, PDF, Formatting for paperback, etc.

 Writer’s Organizations – Identify and join organizations to network, learn the craft, critique groups, etc.

  Conferences/Workshops – Find places to network, learn the craft, etc.

  eBook Retailers – Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, etc.

 Merchandise – If you decide to give out swag (i.e. bookmarks, pens) or sell products (t-shirts, cups, etc.) associated with your book(s).

  Website Design – Do it your self or find someone to hire (I did it myself).

Financial – You need to think about how you will keep track of your revenue and expenses, taxes, hiring an accountant, purchasing accounting software or creating your own accounting system to report to the IRS.

  Legal – LLC, Sole Proprietor, registering your company with your state (if creating a small press), etc.

  Miscellaneous – Business Cards, ISBN, Attorney, Metadata, etc.

These are just some of the items I have on my Work Plan. Every Work Plan will be different depending on your needs and goals. But I think it is necessary to have one in place to keep you focused and help you identify everything you need to accomplish your publishing dreams.

It looks daunting, but it is completely doable and, I believe, if you know what you face in choosing to walk the Going Indie path, then you can plan your next steps, manage your expectations, and even decide if Indie Publishing is the right path for you. Going Indie is not for the faint of heart, so know what you are getting into before making the deciding to go indie.

Do you have a working plan? What is your process to getting your books out on the market place?

Good luck and Good Writing,
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