Thursday, December 31, 2015

A New Year's Reflection

In the shadow of a calling I found myself...
                                                Feeling amazing in the magic of life.

Musical Moment ~ “Grade 8" Ed Sheeran

Dear Peeps: 

I wish for you a sweet moment of reflection on your last 365 days in the year 2015. All of those lovely moments...and the not so lovely ones. May your reflections show you the glory of life even among the crazy days, the horrible news stories, the sadness's of loved ones and strangers, the eye opening moments of seeing those you thought you knew in a different way - whether for good or not so good. May you embrace all this knowledge and move forward better spirits. Say a heartfelt THANK YOU for making it through this year. Not all of us did. 

For 2016, I wish you an amazing year filled with your deepest hopes and wishes fulfilled. May you use the knowledge you learned in 2015 - and all the years before that - to your advantage and live in wisdom, kindness, openness, and (the easiest and hardest thing to do) unconditional love. May all the things you've wanted to accomplish and adventures you've wanted to undertake be jumped into with the unencumbered enthusiasm of your younger, freer self, and I truly hope from the deepest part of my soul that you experience the deepest levels of love imaginable. 

Best and Happy, Happy, Happy New Year!
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