Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Power of Diversity

In the shadow of a calling I found myself...
Winter is hard and harsh so that I can deeply appreciate the other seasons and find myself through the snow.

Musical Moment ~ “One Mo' Time" Queen Latifah

As a lifelong lover of the written word, I have enjoyed books - both fiction and non-fiction - about peoples of different cultures, religions, and philosophies African, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Native Cultures (American, Australian, South American), Jewish, and of course, many, many European cultures.. I have been taught so much. I have been entertained, I have fallen in love, I have felt heartbroken and I have been extremely curious. While I may not have a familiarity with certain cultural norms, what I have discovered is that at heart people are people. 

We all want to give and receive love. 

We all bleed. 

We all cry. 

Once born, we all die. 

I guess my curiosity is because of my Jamaican "Out of Many, One People" philosophy and knowing that I come from a diverse background and have always been surrounded by people who are not quite like me. Beautiful people who are not quite like me. Brave people who in the end...are more like me than I would have ever known had I not been open to meeting and embracing those who are different from myself and diving deep into their stories. But here's the greatest secret of all: In the end and in the deepest most sacred parts of our self - we are truly all of one.

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