Saturday, July 09, 2016

Disenchanted in this Time of Humanity

In the shadow of a calling I found myself...
Disenchanted, but still holding the Light high.

Musical Moment ~ “Bulgarian Melody” Deep Forest

This video is re-surfacing after the Alton Sterling, Philander Castile, and the mass shootings in Dallas, Tx the last few days. The fact that this video "has to" exist and is not the full conversation of "The Talk" is worst than heartbreaking, but a travesty. And, #10 just reminded me of what has happened - to multiple ethnic groups, actually - when people expect you to always smile and comply. To watch your "tone" and be managed. The next thing you discover is you and your people are enslaved, tortured, and hunted. If we don't break through the issues of what keeps us apart and fearful of each other, we can not evolve into the race of one: Human. Thinking we are separate is breaking us apart and is doing deep harm. Violence is not the answer and yet the conversation has gotten louder, but are we listening. If we can agree on nothing else, let us agree that no matter what race, religion, or affiliations, every single being on earth knows and understands one thing: LOVE. If we could just take the situations - if they are not yours, pretend you and those you love are experiencing them: beatings, murders, rapes, betrayals. Imagine that it IS your experience. Imagine it is happening to the child you would give your life up for or the partner who makes opening your eyes in the morning an extra joy or the parent who is already working three jobs to support you both and the only one who loves you unconditionally. Or it could be...anyone you love. Can you be deeply honest and say how you would feel, think, and react about it? Would it be the same as your unfettered thoughts and daily interactions right at this moment, which mostly has no threat of beatings, murders, rapes, or betrayals?

Then sprinkle on a turbulent history. People's constant suspicions and insults and please do not think that suspicion and insult is always loud and "video" ready. No, these insults are when everyone else is acknowledged but you, you're followed around stores by a person with a phone in their hand ready to call the police for...whatever they're thinking or hoping your do, or when a purse is grabbed when you walk by, or a child pulled closer, or the silent glare of hatred until you pass out of sight no longer "offending".

Vigilance and vigilantism is exhausting. It makes people edgy and poor choices inevitable. If ever there was a time to change, this is it. We can either put anger and fear aside and endeavor to see each other as allies or we can destroy each other.
We are all beautiful.

I said before that I am disappointed in us humans, but I still hold high the light of hope. I will keep looking to the heart and goodness of people and to those who are not, I will not blame your people, I will just say that one person, at that one moment, is not in harmony with me and move on. Not millions of people, but the moment with that one person. Sometimes it just takes the understanding of one to change the world. Jesus did it. Buddha did it. Muhammad did it. Joseph Smith did it. It is a doable doing.

There are no excuses.

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