Friday, July 08, 2016

Killings, Retaliations, and Heartbreak

In the shadow of a calling I found myself...

Musical Moment ~ “Birdsong" Mother Nature (as heard from my office)

I am disappointed in us humans. Heartbroken at the loss of lives and fearful of what will happen next in a society struggling to understand each other, acknowledge the plethora of similarities, and find a way to accept and understand (maybe even embrace) our differences, and simply get along. I am proud of who and what I am, and the people I am connected to through blood or lineage. I am open to knowing all the peoples of this world, but it is hard to continually look for the positive teachings in life when there is so much hate, distrust, and violence circling like a starved, rabid jackal. It is even harder to know you will have to monitor your surroundings, actions, and tone even more so than you already never feel the Freedom because you’re on high alert.  

I don’t want to be afraid to walk this earth in my skin, so I will not be. ~I~ was made in the image of the highest, most Supreme Soul. Call the Supreme Soul by whatever name you use for your spiritual journey on this earth – God, Jehovah, Allah, Great Spirit, Buddha, the Universe, etc. ~You~ were made in the image of the highest, most Supreme Soul. We are all beautiful.

We are ALL beautiful.

So let us please stop the killings. If you must kill, kill with words, with thoughts, with actions that make proactive, positive, life/soul-altering impacts to this world. Stop making judgments – mostly, erroneous – about other people based on the general consensus of what your social/peer group think. Take the time to investigate (and do so with an open mind and heart, you’ll learn even more, including more about yourself) and discover truths on your own. Be curious. Be curious so that we can finally be that seemingly elusive single race we all belong to but try to ignore: Human.

Earth is a pretty big planet. As of today, we can’t live anywhere else in the universe that we know of, so why not make this planet what it really is, a place where inclusivity must exist for there to be balance and love and life, and liberty, and the opportunity to pursue happiness.

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