I love adventures. They inspire me and remind me that I am alive, I am vital and I still have a bit of fearlessness coursing through my blood. Adventures not only nurture my spirit, but introduces me to new people and creates great back drops for possible stories. My adventures have taken me up in the air, on top of fire, bathed in steam and Native American chants and floating in salty water.  Most of my family and friends think I’m walking on the dark side of sanity, so in honor of them, I chose to make this dark page to embrace my alter ego, but please note that in all of the pictures I am smiling.

Flying Trapeze

My 37th Birthday present to myself. The Flying Trapeze. My first and last time. While I had fun, I also sprained my ankle and could not lift my arms for a week.  This is definitely the case of “the spirit was willing but the body was screaming, Are You Insane?”

Fire Walking

A fire walk in New Hampshire. No, I did not get burned. Yes, I had a good time even though my smile looks more like a crazy grimace. Yes, it was liberating. Yes, there were more than two crazies walking on hot coals.

Sky Diving

One of the best, most exhilarating moments of my life. It was so good I did it twice, one jump after another, and I plan on doing it again.

Flying through the air

If this is how Superman feels, I too would like to be faster than a bullet, have locomotive power and leap over Mount Everest.

Breathing Deep with a Shaman

I spent a few days with a Shaman named Clay Miller and his dog Hanta Yo in Arizona.

Sweat Lodge

While I was in Sedona I attended a sweat lodge lead by a lovely Native American man named Rahelio. It was intense, cleansing and enlightening. Would I do it again? You bet I would.

Horseback Riding

This is Taco Bell. The perfect name for a horse who took off into an overgrown gully (with me clinging to his back screaming “Whoa, whoa”)  while he went hunting for food. I got thwacked by low hanging branches while he munched on grass and weeds. I’m pretty sure he was laughing at me.

Flotation Tank

This is a sensory deprivation tank. You float in very salty water and your mind relaxes into a Zen-like state - or like The Simpsons episode where Homer and Lisa bond by going on a “spiritual journey”. What did I learn? My thoughts are VERY loud.

Ghost Tour

I went on a Ghost Tour in Boston. This is somewhere outside of the allegedly haunted Omni Parker Hotel (inspiration for the movie 1408). It was drizzling outside. Do you think this is a ghostly visitor or just mist?

Paintballin’ (The Exhilaration)

I played paintball for the first time.  It was exhilarating and painful, but mostly exhilarating.  This game of strategy and skill made me appreciate the ability to focus, plot and plan.

Paintballin’ (The Pain)

As I was running for cover, I got hit.  This later turned into a pretty shade of black, blue and green.

Hang Gliding

2014 was a year for the air.  On June 28th, I went Hang Gliding at Morningside Flight Park in Charlestown, NH. It was an amazing experience to see the White Mountains, Green Mountains, Mount Ascutney, and the Connecticut River from a birds-eye view. Plus, having an expert flyer like Dean Funk is key to a great experience.  

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