Just the Facts
When were you born?  Winter, Early 1971
Where were you born?  New York
Where did you grow up?  Florida
Where do you live now?  Lovely New Hampshire where nature is just an open door away.
What would you be if you weren’t a writer:
Growing up, I wanted to be a singer.  My voice isn’t Lady Gaga or Rihanna quality, but I’m not too bad. If I couldn’t be a writer or a singer, then I would be an FBI Profiler like on the show Criminal Minds. I am fascinated with what makes people tick and why they do what they do.
Did you always want to be a writer?
I always loved to write. I wrote my first story called “The Lebonski Chronicles” when I was thirteen.  The story was written as a Mad Libs (where you fill in the blank with verbs, nouns, adjectives, pronoun, etc.) and was based on my love and utter devotion to the band Duran Duran. While my heart beat hard for Simon LeBon, my best friend's heart sang for Roger Taylor. This was my first try at “real” writing and, given what it was, I think it was pretty darn good. I still have that story, and no, it will never be shared. 

When I was in college, I won a short story contest. I was surprised and shocked I won, because: 1) I didn’t know my professor was holding a contest until he announced it before calling out my name, and 2) I took maybe 45 minutes to write it, but learning my quickly dashed off short story was a winner was the lighted match that turned my interest to writing.
What is the best thing about being a writer?
The best thing is when the story flows and the characters talk through you and appear on the page. Sometimes I sit in my office and think, “I did not know that was going to happen!” while my fingers fly across the keyboard or “Who is this character?” like Mantu made me do in The Hoppernots.
Where do you work?
I work at my desk in front of a sliding glass door and balcony that overlooks my small claim of woodlands. My library (yes, I have that many books that I call my office a library) has hundreds of books that grace the walls. I also have knick knacks like stones, figurines, and even more books.
Where do you get your ideas?
I am one of those lucky people who have ideas flooding their brain. I actually think in story, but sadly, I can’t keep up with it all and I have to grab hold of the ones that intrigue me the most. I keep a notebook (stuffed full with scrap paper) called Story Ideas. I’ve captured most of the stories that visited me and asked to be noticed.  The best I can do to honor this gift is jot them down and maybe one day…
A few years ago I asked my husband Joe if he thought in story. He looked at me as if I had lost my marbles (or for the younger generation: lost all the apps on my phone). What I learned from him is this: not everyone thinks in story and not everyone is flooded with story ideas. Some people receive a single storyline to write about and some people (like Joe) think about baseball. There is nothing wrong with this! I think people who have a single story to write have a better focus (better than I) and they can delve deep and stick, whereas I get a bit scattered. It’s not as if a writer has only one story to tell, but we have different ways our writing muse work with and through us. As for the people who think about baseball…I hope they're Yankee fans. 
What is your favorite thing to eat?

I love food and it's a hard choice, but it would have to be my mother's Jamaican curry chicken with rice and peas, sweet potatoes, a salad, and carrot juice is pure perfection. It's the meal I crave when I want comfort food. Pure yum!

Can I write to you?
Of course! I would love to hear from you. You can e-mail me by clicking on the Contact button above, or by e-mailing me at deborah@pugpawpress.com.  
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