Writers Organizations:  
One of the most important aspects of being a writer is writing well and often, learning the craft and being apart of a strong and supportive community. If you have any interest in becoming an writer, check out these sites:

Great Sites for Writers:

Nathan Bransford - Nathan is a former Literary Agent, author, and all around great guy who has one of the best blogs out there for writers - published and unpublished. If you have questions, he has answers.
Julia Cameron - Julia is the writer of The Artist's Way. Her books are informative and inspiring for writers or anyone who loves being creative.

Betsey Lerner - She’s everything I said about Nathan except she’s currently a Literary Agent and a woman.

Harold Underdown - Harold is an experienced and well-respected book publisher and speaker who shares his wisdom with writers of children’s books.  He is the author of “The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Children's Books” and is the go to person for industry advice.

GoodKindles - Free ebooks, bargain kindle books and a wonderful place to find new books and read great reviews.

These are just some of the authors who have sustained me over the years. Hopefully, you will love them as much as I do.

Other Really Cool Sites:
Save the Frogs - I am a frog lover and advocate of saving our amphibians, our selves , and our planet.  Not only are frogs and their fellow amphibians endangered, but did you know they are great environmental indicators of pollution on the land and in water?

Savor the Day - I love food.  Meadow Linn talks food, life and the finer things. Go savor her site.

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